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Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits Description

Features and Benefits

With SchooIVision, school district management and planning staff may:

Display and print up-to-date color maps including:

  • the District and its street network (including street name labels)
  • multiple communities served
  • school sites and individual school attendance areas
  • all school attendance areas within a grade span
  • all or selected categories of enrolled students
  • predominant ethnicity for planning areas
  • forecasted enrollment changes by planning area
  • actual to forecasted enrollment differences
  • other geographic boundaries such as census tracks and zip codes

Access interactive information including street names, student names and student database profiles.

Query, report and graphically represent all attributes included in the District’s student data base; for instance:

  • Ethnic distribution by grade and by school
  • Historic and forecasted enrollment trends
  • SDC students
  • students in other special programs
  • students attending a school from outside their attendance area
  • students on a particular bus route

Incorporate multi-year enrollment forecast data and provide sophisticated modeling capabilities for various school housing scenarios including:

  • Adding relocatable / permanent classrooms and additions
  • Implementing Multi-Track, Year Round Education programs
  • Changing Grade Level configurations
  • Creating / Changing selected schools' attendance boundaries
  • Enhancing ethnic balance between schools
  • Site selection for new school campuses
  • Opening / Closing Schools

Import or link to existing student databases.

  • SchoolVision has the ability to link up with District-wide student database or create one by importing existing databases at individual school sites.

Create and maintain long range enrollment forecasts. The incorporated SchoolVision Enrollment Forecaster will give a district the ability to create anything from a simple District-wide cohort forecast to refined small area forecast. The Forecaster can utilize any one of the following factors:

  • Birth Rate
  • Grade Progression
  • New Housing
  • Resale Housing

Easily display school site plans. Just click a school on the map and the CAD drawings of that school’s facilities will pop-up on the screen!

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